Welcome to our BSc thesis students!

A warm welcome to Maja Duschek and Constantin Sorge, who will work on their BSc thesis in our lab. Maja will trace inputs and output of LP under the supervision of Anton Sumser, and Constantin will study the response properties of visTRN neurons under the supervision of Verena Peterreins, Steffen Katzner and myself.

New paper accepted

Very happy to see Davide Crombie’s PhD work on coupling of dLGN tonic and burst spiking to multiple timescales in the pupil signal accepted in PLoS Biology.

New preprint from the lab

Very proud of our new preprint in which we model the impact of retinal and non-retinal inputs on dLGN activity. We find that a subpopulation of poorly visually responsive neurons profits most from accounting of non-retinal inputs in our model. In addition, our model uncovered that CT feedback is most effective in the absence of a patterned visual stimulus, Finally, stimulus information can be better decoded during suppression of CT feedback. We discuss how these findings can be embedded into current views on the role of CT feedback in stimulus processing.

Welcome to Nancy Mulaiese!

We are very happy to welcome Nancy Mulaiese as a new doctoral researcher to the team. Nancy is joining through the IMPRS-BI program and will work on an exciting project regarding the impact of cortico-thalamic feedback on information processing in visual cortex. We will perform detailed circuit manipulations and recordings from dLGN and V1. We will also collaborate with Tatjana Tchumatchenko on extending V1 network models with the thalamo-cortico-thalamic loop.

New publication from the lab by previous doctoral researcher Simon Renner

Very proud of this new publication from the lab, driven forward on the LMU side by previous doctoral researcher Simon Renner. Within the SPP2041 Computational Connectomics and in a tight experiment-theory collaboration with Tatjana Tchumatchenko‘s lab, we worked on inferring connectivity of V1 and the thalamic inputs exploiting the stabilized supralinear network.

Kraynyukova, N.*, Renner, S.*, Born, G., Bauer, Y., Spacek, M.A., Tushev, G., Busse, L.**, Tchumatchenko, T.** (2022). In vivo extracellular recordings of thalamic and cortical visual responses reveal V1 connectivity rules. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 119, e2207032119. [*shared first authors, **shared last authors]

Welcome to Verena Peterreins!

A warm welcome to Verena Peterreins who returns to the lab after a successful MSc thesis in Human Biology as a GSN doctoral researcher! Verena will use the next few months to dive deep into our project on “Natural stimuli for mice”. Welcome to the team!