Code / software


A Python application for visualizing, navigating, and spike sorting high-density multichannel extracellular neuronal waveform data (by Martin Spacek)



Teaching / seminars / workshops


Graduate School of Systemic Neurosciences (GSN)

The Vision Circuits Lab is a proud part of the GSN, 
Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU) Munich


Lecture ‘Fundamentals in Neuroscience I’ (GSN, WS) and II (SS)

Foundations, Motor System, Neuroethology, Decision-making, Attention, Higher cognitive functions


Lecture ‘Hearing and Vision’ (GSN, SS)

Eye, Thalamus, Primary visual cortex, Extra-striate areas


Seminar ‘Current Topics in Neural Circuits of Vision’ (WS, SS)

Advanced seminar on issues of current interest in neural circuits of visual perception


Practical course ‘Psychophysics’ (GSN)


Practical course WP7 ‘Neurobiology’ (BSc)

Vision, Decision-making


Practical course ‘Analysis of multichannel extracellular recordings and optogenetic manipulations in the visual cortex of awake mice’

1 week recordings + optogenetics, 1 week data analysis


Practical course ‘Mouse Visual Behavior’



Introduction to Scientific Programming in Python
(taught by Martin Spacek)

External resources

DataJoint™ is a free, open-source framework for programming scientific databases and computational data pipelines, and used in the Vision Circuits Lab.

DokuWiki is a simple open-source wiki software that serves as our lab internal knowledge base.

Mattermost is an open-source, self-hostable online chat service with file sharing, search, and integrations that we use as an internal chat service.