We haven an open postdoc position:

A 3-year fully-funded postdoc position is for a joint project between Laura Busse and Steffen Katzner, and part of the DFG-funded Priority Program Sensing LOOPS: cortico-subcortical interactions for adaptive sensing. In tight interactions with other members of the lab, we will explore the role of the visual sector of the thalamic reticular nucleus (visTRN) and its recruitment by cortico-thalamic feedback in shaping thalamic visual processing and behavior. The project builds on our previous work on visTRN published in Born et al. (2021), and will combine in vivo extracellular recordings of genetically identified visTRN neurons, circuit mapping and optogenetic manipulations of corticothalamic feedback. The project involves advanced data analysis methods and computational modelling, for which we fruitfully interact with national and international collaborators in computational neuroscience.

More information can be found here: Loops_postdocPosition_LauraBusse

We currently also have one PhD position to offer:

The PhD position is DFG-funded, primarily supervised by Laura, but is part of a larger team science project. The project seeks for “Natural stimuli for mice”, combining eye tracking during free behaviour, electrophysiology and the analysis of naturalistic movies, and is as part of CRC1233 Robust Vision with Thomas Euler and Matthias Bethge, University of Tübingen

More information can be downloaded here.

Are you curious about how the neural circuits in the visual system contribute to visual processing, perception, and behavior? We are inviting applications from motivated Bachelor and Master students to join us for lab rotations and thesis workProgramming skills are necessary.

Apply by sending an email to Laura (email)