Revision of manuscript submitted back to Journal

Very happy that we could re-submit our revised version of

Qiu, Y., Zhao, Z., Klindt, D., Kautzky, M., Szatko, K.P., Schaeffel, F., Rifai, K., Franke, K., Busse, L., and Euler, T. (2020). Mouse retinal specializations reflect knowledge of natural environment statistics. BioRxiv 2020.12.08.416172.

New manuscript accepted!

Our manuscript on task-dependent modulations in mouse V1 and ACC has been accepted in the Journal of Neuroscience!

Wal, A., Klein, F.K., Born, G., Busse, L., and Katzner, S. (accepted). Evaluating visual cues modulates their representation in mouse visual and cingulate cortex. Journal of Neuroscience

New preprint

Our new preprint on how corticothalamic feedback affects visual spatial integration in mouse dLGN available at bioRxiv:

Born, G., Erisken, S., Schneider, F.A., Klein, A., Mobarhan, M.H., Lao, C.L., Spacek, M.A., Einevoll, G.T., and Busse, L. (2020). Corticothalamic feedback sculpts visual spatial integration in mouse thalamus. BioRxiv 2020.05.19.104000.